Purpose Statement

So now that I am back to being able to think clearly enough to compose an actual post, other than an overly nerdy obligatory first post (if you don’t get why it is overly nerdy, I suggest googling “Hello World”), I would like to share with you the purpose behind why I have elected to occupy this little quiet corner of the internet.

Over the past few months I have allowed myself to become, well, sedentary and wildly addicted to Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOs), namely Final Fantasy XIV (Diabolos Server). My goal has become to rejoin with my more formerly productive self, and get back to this whole living artist thing I am doing. To this end, I have elected to create this blog so that I may visually chronicle my artistic and not so artistic endeavors, and maybe share some cool things with whoever it may be that chooses to follow me.

That being said, this record is as much for me as anyone who chooses to read what follows. A visual record of things I have done, techniques I have tried and maybe even some catastrophic failures. The content could be as simple as a new idea about how to make cookies or as complex and Japanese Stab Binding (both are in the plans). I also anticipate a fair amount of info to pile in from many past endeavors and Tea, because you can’t have a tea house without tea!

The best part about all this is that I plan on sharing my experiences with all these new “Productive” things, methods, sources, deviations, and final products. So it could be quite a fun experience to go back and see the progress.

This is the part of composition I always failed at… concluding my thoughts into a nice wrap-up paragraph and tie it up in a nice neat bow. With that being said maybe the true conclusion here is that there is no conclusion and this purpose really is my opening to a new experience that will be shamelessly depicted in many posts to follow.