Zombie Prey

Zombie had somehow managed to wander his way off the Isabella into the strange market where she had made port. Peering blankly around the chaos and noise he caught scent of something far in the distance…

Character Shorts

So one of the many projects I have worked on, is the character shorts that soon became the Misadventures of Airship Isabella. For funzies I have some of the Character shorts going up on here for people to read. Most of the ones I am going to post should have a link to the art…

Thoughts on MMO Leadership

We are the defenders of fun, conquers of the dull, pocket libraries, life coaches and comrades in a fantasy world full of ugly monsters, high taxes, and glamorous end-games.

Epic Fail

Haha so that was fun. It appears that I got all happy and excited and gung-ho and then totally forgot to follow through on any of my sleepless night plans So maybe I should try this again. Scene 1 Take 2