Zombie Prey

Zombie had somehow managed to wander his way off the Isabella into the strange market where she had made port. Peering blankly around the chaos and noise he caught scent of something far in the distance. With that he ambled away, following a trail almost as if the scent were a visible line of temptation dragging him by the nose to some long craved target.

Through the market he went, stalking his prey around every corner. It appeared to be on the move. Getting closer he became more cat like in his motions. Slinking, stalking, low and light he approached the source of his desire. Soon his nose told him it is just on the other side of that aisle. He reached the end, ever so delicately, he looked around the corner. Unnoticed by his prey he skirted the edge of the walk way. Getting closer; oh so much closer, still he remained unseen. With a well forced hand he placed credits on a table of the small stand and exclaimed “Ta-aco-os!”


The Art version of this story can be found HERE