Final Fantasy 14 – With Friends

Through all the years I have been playing Final Fantasy 14, I have enjoyed the amazing company of a wonderful group of friends to play with. Fantasy adventures through the land of Eorzea saving the realm from who knows what malfunction, political unrest, aetheric manifestation, or each other. I have enjoyed my time away from reality because of them, and I look forward to many more adventures to come with the impending 4.0 expansion.

Here is a collection of a rather recent spree of /gpose shenanigans a few of us had, some pictures of my character after a recent fantasia, my brief stint as a Lalafell, and even some early shots of when I was still a Miq’ote. There are even some pictures from the Free Company Scavenger Hunt we did.

April 7th update: More Photos were added!

(Click the circles to make the images bigger!)