Grocery Shopping

Through her adventures the Isabella had made port in plenty of different and diverse locations. This one was no exception. Today’s stop happened to be a B sphere reality that lived in the late 1800s. The Isabella’s chosen part of call for this stop was London.

On today’s outing Lulu and Kitty decided to go grocery shopping. Walking along the street Lulu spots her first idea,

“How about a little priest”
“Is it good – at least?”, Kitty retorts.
“Oh yes, no sins of the flesh – it’s fresh!”
“Looks awful fat.”
“Only where it sat.”

Moving along the bustling market street Lulu has another idea, “Lawyer seems nice”
“Only for a price.  Something lean?”
“Royal marine?”
“Mmm, tastes like where ever it’s been…”

Through the streets they go, back and forth, shopping.
“How about thinker?”
“Something pinker.”

Exasperatedly Lulu is at her ideas ends, “How about an Actor?”
“They always arrive over done.”

Sullened by the lack of good groceries they wander the streets until they find the one. The county judge. Perfectly sized, clean with the scent of death around him. As they are about to corner him Kitty looks over a Lulu with that mischievous glint in her eye, “Should have gone with the barber.”


The visual version of this can be found HERE