A new time, place and clientele, this seemed to be the norm. Today though Fox was not having to back room deal and make shady trades for “Unusual” items. No, today was a day for him. Well that’s what he would tell anyone who asked, if they asked. The truth of the matter was, he had run out of green tea and if he did not find more he was fairly sure he would die from the withdrawal.

He visited shop after shop. They all had exquisite teas of every blend and fancy, some teas were so pungent that when he asked to smell them, the shop owners took him outside to open the cans. (They mentioned that, if they did not take this precaution, the pure scent would break the windows.) But alas, no basic green tea was to be had.

Having resigned himself to his fated death, he traipsed back across the market to his closed tent to make some of his second favorite tea to toast the world goodbye. He opened the drawer labeled “Earl Grey.” His hands shook with the impending doom. The little knob slipped right from his fingers and the whole drawer clattered to the ground.  There in the very back was a small box, bright green in color. Picking it up he opened it. The smell so fine and pure the bottom edges of his tent seemed to flutter in the wake. It was the greenest of green teas he had ever encountered.

His life had been spared for a little while longer.


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